A list of questions that we are often asked by prospective applicants can be found below. If you can’t find the answer that you are looking for please get in touch with our UK-based recruitment team at camexpressrecruitment@gmail.com.

Q: What form will the weekly payment take? 

A: The weekly stipend will be a cash payment in RMB. The exchange rate has historically been around £1 = 10 RMB. The exact amount is reviewed annually to ensure that it is in-line with that offered by competitors. As such, the figure for this year is yet to be determined.  However, past interns have found that the salary is more than enough to indulge in leisure activities as well as to travel to different parts of China.

Q: What will the weekend activities consist of?

A: Weekend activities are organised and paid for by CamExpress as part of the renumeration package for interns. Past trips have included visits to the Shanghai Circus, Beijing and the famous Yellow Mountains! As the programme managers seek to organise activities that interns will enjoy to the fullest, the precise trips taken each year will largely depend on the interests of the interns. Please note that activities are completely optional if you want to do something else on a particular weekend.

Q: What is the accommodation like?

A: Interns will be housed in a good quality hotel that is a 15-20 minute trip by bus from the school where the teaching will take place. The accommodation is provided free of charge and all interns will stay at the same hotel.

Q: I don’t speak any Chinese, is this an issue?

A: There is absolutely no requirement to be able to speak Mandarin or Cantonese for this programme as all the teaching and interactions with students will take place in English. In fact, we tend to discourage the use of Chinese in class on the basis that university interviews will be conducted in English, not Chinese.

Q: I am studying at a UK university, but I am not a British national. Can I still apply?

A: Yes, we welcome students of all nationalities to apply to our scheme! The only thing to bear in mind is that, if successful, you may need to acquire your Chinese visa in your home country rather than England. However, if you are selected for the programme, this is something that CamExpress can investigate further and support you with.

Q: Should I bring my laptop with me?

A: Yes, please do bring your laptop with you and any other relevant materials that you think will be of use during the programme.

Q: Is there provision for food?

A: In the past, interns have had to pay for their own food, however, this year the option of free lunches during the week is currently being investigated. Once the programme director has reached a decision this information will be updated accordingly.

Q: Are there any exercise facilities at the schools which are available for free use?

A: There will be exercise facilities available for your use at each school, which include a running track, football pitches and basketball courts. These facilities may vary from school to school but in general they are available.

Q: If I were to travel elsewhere after the programme end date, for example to somewhere else in China or a neighbouring country, would CamExpress still be happy to fund (up to 6000 RMB) the return flight to London? (It wouldn’t necessarily be from Shanghai).

A: You will be fully entitled to the complete travel bursary of 6000 RMB regardless of whether you travel further in Asia after the programme end date or return straight back to the UK the next day.

Q: What vaccinations does CamExpress recommend for participation in the programme?

A: CamExpress recommends that interns refer to the following website for guidance on vaccinations: http://www.nathnac.org/ds/c_pages/country_page_cn.htm. During the programme, you will be based in Shanghai so the risk of contracting something like malaria is very low.


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