CamExpress was established in both Shanghai and London in 2008, specialising in application consultation for students aiming to go to the best British universities. We offer various services including English language courses tailored to non-native speakers, self-developed academic programmes preparing students for university studies, and a customised application strategy to suit the needs of each student. For the past 14 years, we have provided Chinese high-school students with application mentoring and consulting through our core Oxbridge project, as well as programmes for Imperial College and LSE.

As the oldest and therefore most mature Oxbridge project in China, CamExpress has helped more than 520 students obtain admission into Oxford and Cambridge. This experience has enabled us to accumulate a rich knowledge of the existing international curriculum systems used in China and to develop our training courses and academic programmes to meet the criteria for a successful Oxbridge application.

  • About 45% (more than 520) of our students have received offers from Oxbridge
  • About 75% of our students receive offers from Imperial College London
  • About 70% of our students receive offers from LSE
  • About 95% (over 3400) of our students have entered G5 universities in the UK
  • The Oxbridge summer programme has been held successfully for the past 14 years, 2009-2022
  • More than 1400 students from across China have participated in the Oxbridge summer programme
  • More than 150 Oxbridge students have worked as summer programme assistants
  • In 2015 our year-long online tutoring and VIP one-to-one services were launched to accompany our summer programmes
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