CamExpress is an educational consultancy firm, which aims to introduce a Western approach to studying to Chinese A-level students and to prepare them for student life in the UK. We employ only the best undergraduate students at the top universities in the UK (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE) to lead our summer programme and to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the aspiring Chinese students. Being taught by current undergraduates from the UK also gives the Chinese students the opportunity to network and engage with British-based scholars before they embark on a degree in the UK.

Established in 2009, before Uber and Internet Plus were born, CamExpress was a pioneer of the concept of introducing a “Shared Economy” to the field of education. Through the annual summer programme, we provide a platform for students at Cambridge and Oxford to share their experiences with Chinese students, thus helping to bring them closer to achieving their academic dreams. In 2016, 20 students that took part in the summer programme obtained a place at either the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford across ten different subject areas.

Please find below some key facts and figures about the company:

  • The summer programme has been held successfully for the past 9 years, 2009-2017;
  • More than 600 students from across China have participated in the programme;
  • More than 60 Cambridge and Oxford students have worked in China as programme assistants;
  • More than 170 students have received an offer to study at either Cambridge or Oxford after participating in our programme;
  • More than 95% of the students in our programme have entered G5 universities in the UK;
  • In 2015 our online tutoring and VIP one-to-one services were launched;
  • As of 2016 we have official partnerships with ten schools across China;
  • Since 2017 we have been running successful programmes throughout the year, though the summer programme remains our flagship and most popular.
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